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# in URLs results in HTTP 400 or 404

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Delphi 2007, ICS 8.68, libssl-3. Adding "#" character to any URL results in HTTP error 400 or 404 response from server. I can reproduce it in the test applications easily - works every time 😞 For example, this URL works perfectly fine:




But adding "#" to the URL:




results in HTTP 400 error in ICS but works perfectly in any browser. Is there any way around this problem, because I need to send both GET and POST requests with # symbol in URLs?

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# is an anchor, an instruction to the browser on how to display the page, it is never sent to the server as part of the URL by a browser.  Your application should create a valid URL by removing the #.  ICS does not validate the URL for illegal content. 



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It used to work in Indy, so I thought it'll work in ICS too. Indy must have been removing the # part of the URLs silently. Thank you for your help, Angus.

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