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Gradiant from an array of value

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I'am looking since a few time, without any success, a function which return me a gradient (Tcolor) from an array of double (or integer) value.


For example :


 REVENUE_ARRAY: array [1 .. 5] of integer= (10,15,30,45,60);


Result with a gradient from Yellow to red :

10 => Yellow


30 => Orange


60 => Red


My purpose is to fill a MAP ShapeFile items (Devexpress MAP) with a gradient which correspond to a Revenue array ( REVENUE_ARRAY)

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So since you can't find one, just write your own. It shouldn't be terribly difficult. You could probably even calculate the RGB value based on the number given.

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FMX has a TGradient non-visual class, I’ve used it in the past. Might be worth looking at, though I notice your referring to TColor  rather than TAlphaColor so it might not be applicable.

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Posted (edited)

Yes it's not so complicated. But find an already done (and tested) function is often less time lost.


Some component has this kind of function but not always easy to find/extract.


Finally a colleague, which has code a lot on assembler on Atari 68000/68030 (Doom version) , took a nasty pleasure to code this function with a lot of SHR and boolean operator 😉. So it will not take a lot of time to execute even on  CPU with 8 Mhz clock speed 😉




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