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Henry Olive

FB-3 Get Connected Clients IP Numbers

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Good Day,

FB-3,09  Super Server

Delphi 10,3



FB FAQ says,

If you wish to do it from SQL, you need to use Firebird 2.1 at least, and it's monitoring tables. The relevant table is MON$ATTACHMENTS which provides a lot of useful information like user name, IP address, connection state, remote process name (so you can see which application user is using), etc.

then i tried below Sql but i cant see any IP Adress





Above query's result is like below ( No IP Number )





Thank You




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Thank you so much Vandrovnik

In server machine Ethernet Proporties both TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6  CHECKED

If i uncheck TCP/IPv6 ( Just TCP/IPv4 checked )  then i cannot connect My App

(Rejected Remote Interface error)


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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, Henry Olive said:

If i uncheck TCP/IPv6 ( Just TCP/IPv4 checked )  then i cannot connect My App 

Not really related to the question! Check in the file firebird.conf if IPv6V6Only is not set to 1  (around line 712)

Check also AuthServer and AuthClient values (chapter around line 397) 


To have IP_V4 only I Found this explanation


The systemd configuration files for firebird, firebird-classic@.service & firebird-classic.socket are located in /usr/lib/systemd/system.

#cat firebird-classic.socket


Description=Firebird Classic Activation Socket



I changed the ListenStream to


and restarted the service and now firebird is listening on and not :::3050, which means it is listening on IPV4 protocol.

But, systemd configuration files ⁉️ I don't think you will find them (this explanation was for CENTOS 7)
I don't think changing the RemoteServicePort value to (around line 667) should be a good idea, (idea I can't check), but you can have a try

Now, according to this https://www.firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/html/en/firebirddocs/isql/firebird-isql.html#isql-connect-connection-string-url


TCP/IP (first tries to connect using the IPv6 protocol, if it fails, then IPv4)

So if you use INET4 to connect to your database instead of INET you will certainly have IP_V4 address in your MON$ATTACHMENTS table.
How ? Certainly 2 ways
- modifying firebird.conf   RemoteBindAddress (around line 725)  setting it to INET4 but this should be restricting I think

- by delphi code at connexion (depending on components used)

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