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Ian Branch

Appreciate the 'extra mile'..

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Hi Thomas,

I very much appreciate your heads up in the build script for D2007 in regard to the missing 'Borland.' files when Win 11 updates, and the provisioning of said files.  It has saved my bacon several times recently. 🙂




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I think I said this before: The main reason for this was, that I forget about this problem until yet another Windows update breaks my Delphi installation again. Every time I had to remember the solution (that's why I blogged about it, so I could look it up) and then search for these bloody files. One time I have had enough...


If it also helps others, that's great.


To be fair: It's not Microsoft's fault but Borland's/Codegear's: These files do not belong into a system directory, but since we are stuck with this it's still annoying.

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