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Ian Branch

Version check error???

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Hi Team,

Using D11.1.1.   Lately, seemingly after I installed the latest debug patch I have randomly at start up been getting a 'Version check error.'.


It happens after all the libraries/plug-ins have loaded and just before the IDE actually displays.

Clicking OK it disappears and everything seems normal.

It doesn't happen every time, probably one in 5 starts of Delphi.

I tried disabling all the plugins but it still happens.

Anybody else experience this?

Any thoughts/suggestions?




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20 minutes ago, Ian Branch said:

I tried disabling all the plugins

As well as any 3rd party component packages?

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Hi Dave,

No I didn't.  It didn't occur to me that component packages would be doing what was possibly an online version check.  This would be problematic if you weren't online.

Actually the whole version check, if done online would be problematic if not online.



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Posted (edited)

So, I shut my modem/router down for a couple of minutes and I still got the intermittent error.  First time it errored, the second it didn't.

That suggests something else is afoot...

I really would prefer it to be consistent, i.e. happen all the time, then I have a better chance of isolating it.

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Just an update.

Turned out the culprit was RVMedia v 9.

One brownie point for Dave.  ;-)

The product itself is fine.

When it starts up it does a version check to 'home'.

This hiccups from time to time.

Sergey is looking into it.

In the mean time this check on start up can be turned off by right click any RVMedia component at design time and choose “Check for RVMedia update”.

In the version check dialog, uncheck “Check on start” checkbox.

As I said, there is nothing wrong with the product itself during design & run time, just the hiccup at Delphi start.

HTH somebody else.



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