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hello. i'm evaluating which Windows based IDE to use. so far, i've tried Visual Studio Community Edition. with it, it formats every C++ statements after a semi-colon is typed or saved. is there such feature with C++Builder?

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1. this is a Delphi community

2. evaluating which Windows-based IDE to use

3. it formats every...

2 and 3 have nothing to do with each other

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You might consider posting questions about C++Builder in the "C++Builder Questions and Answers" section instead of the Delphi section. 


The RAD Studio editor takes a different approach to code editing; it doesn't force you to a strict coding standard as you type but lets you write code free-form. Then, as an option and with a single shortcut key, you can format the entire source with formatting rules you've set up.

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My principal IDE is RAD Studio (for Delphi) but unfortunately I also have to use Visual Studio a bit.  I cannot stand the way VS moves my code around or adjusts my spacing while I am typing it.  It is a most unhelpful and distracting feature.

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