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Omni for Multi Platform?

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I know a lot of work was done to try and produce a multi platform version of Omni. How close is this and are there plans to complete it? Just trying to use the basic Delphi threading and I'm really missing the ease that Omni gives me.


What would it take to get this work complete? A crowdfund? I'd be up for that.

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Indeed, I'm working on it. Now that I have finished my book, OTL will again become a top priority side project.


It's hard to tell how much work is yet to be done as at the moment some very basic parts are still missing and I don't know how much time I'll need for them.


A crowdfund would be nice - one where you can give me additional time inside a day. 30h per day would be good to have 😉

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@Primož Gabrijelčič Great to hear that! I guess the major part need to change is that OTL uses the Windows messaging sub-system for communication and the non-block thing? 

Start a crowdfund and I'll support if you have a plan for FPC too :)

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