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Formatting method

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I have a strange behaviour when I add a new parameter in a method.

My method has 2 params like this

procedure TForm1.Test(
  const par1: Integer;
  const par2: string
  // ...

I add the new param with



The result is a wrong formatted code:

procedure TForm1.Test(const Par1: Integer; const Par2: string; const NewParam:

The more params there are, the worst is the formatting...


I would like to maintain the same formatting for my params.


Any hint?




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MMX uses an internal formatting scheme which is not adjustable. You need to re-format your code manually or with the IDE formatter.

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Ok Uwe. If you don't want to want to solve this simple issue for a poor, poor programmer, I'll do it myself :classic_biggrin:

Seriously, I understand. So I found a configuration for the standard formatter I share for others if they find it useful:


This solve my terrible (:classic_tongue:) problem wtih MMX.


Thanks Uwe


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@Sonjli You could also just add the new paramater(s) in either the declaration or the implementation of the method. Then hit STRG + ALT + Shift + P and the other one will be updated to the just made changes!

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