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does CnWizards phone home?

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Has anybody looked into the CnWizards source code and knows whether and when it "phones home"? I know about the automatic check for updates and have disabled it, but I still get a noticable dealy when starting up the IDE at the point where CnWizards loads.

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Going by the source, it appears it is called when the IDE first goes "idle", and it fires off a thread to do the check, so I doubt the delay is from the "phone home" check.


FWIW, I see no noticeable delay with version

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Turns out the culprit was not CnWizards but actually the Favorites Files Expert in GExperts. It took forever to read 4096 entries from the registry. And these 4096 entries doubled the next time I called the configuration dialog and doubled again the next time.


If any of the CnWizards developers reads this: Sorry for suspecting your code, it was my own.

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