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RADStudio 11.1 and GExperts

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I have two issues with GExperts and RADStudio 11.1 


1. Startup time with GExperts

it is much, much, much longer if GExperts is installed and it "stops" during the splash screen is showing GExperts


2. Missing IDE Context Menu

I tried it already several times and today ones more, with the current version from SF and fresh built and installed GExperts, I do not get the IDE Editor Context Menu at all.

if I add MMX I get one line "MMX Commands"

Without GExperts and Delphi "only" or with Delphi and MMX I have the full context menus.

Beside from GExperts and MMX I use only JCL and JVCL and the Parnassus Tools.


Any hints?


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Please file (separate) bug reports for these on SourceForge.

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