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Rad Studio / C++ Builder Upgrades

Upgrading Rad Studio for C++ Programmers  

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  1. 1. What would you rather do?

    • Spend days trying to get a new version of C++ Builder installed / successfully compiling projects
    • Give yourself a root canal?
    • Give yourself a colonoscopy with a hot cattle prod?
    • Switch to Flutter

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I have to point out that the upgrade to 11.2, installing over 11.1.5 went without any issue for me (installed from ISO image). It's true that I did have an issue discussed (and resolved) in the link below 

but the installation went without any issue.




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Well, I just spent over 22 hours this weekend trying to upgrade my primary machine. I couldn’t even start from a newly reformatted machine with Windows 11 Pro, Rad Studio 11.2, and a new installation of UniGui without getting errors.


I finally dropped back to 11.15 on the machine with the above process and all is good.


On my primary machine, I went from 11.15 to 11.20 without any incidents. I am not sure what options I had installed as I have the Architect edition from old days).


Any how, what a wasted weekend but at least I am able to start work again.


And code insight is still a ….


All the best,




P.S. Both my machines are NEW 2022 laptops with I9s and 32gb memory so we aren’t talking ancient computers.

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