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Any tip with Datasnap Rest ISAPI + TDataModule

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I really dont have an ideia what happen.

I have a datasnap rest application - windows - ISAPI dynamic link library. Setting: server methods class, simplified dispatcher and server module. Use TDSServerModule.

As soon I saved and add on IIS, no problem, I "see" reverse string. But, if I add a TDataModule on that project, note...a dataModule without any component, and update my dll on IIS, just broke everything.

I have 3 other applications with those configuration, but if i trie on D 11.2 and adding a dataModule, just broke. If I open an old project, build and update my IIS, its work.

So, could someone give a tip how create a rest isapi application and add a dataModule and not crash ?

Tks for all
Best regards

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The server methods unit is where you would normally put your data access components and anything else needed to handle a request. 


Why are you trying to add a TDataModule? 

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2 hours ago, guarasemini said:

just broke everything

This description is too vague. Please be specific about what the issue is, e.g. provide exact error messages. Are you able to create a reproducible example?

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I doubt any of your other projects has an added auto created datamodule. Perhaps an added datamodule instanced in one of the other units if splitting things up was desired vs everything in the Server Methods unit. 


This type of project is inherently multithreaded and creates multiple instances of the Server Methods objects to handle multiple requests - tossing in a extra single instance of a datamodule not attached to any of the other units setup for this seems likely to break things period. 


So why are you adding an auto created datamodule? 

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usually i use a TDSServerModule and add a TDataModule but, I have other applications with that configuration and only new projects when i add a datamodule just crashed.

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