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I am unable to delete a record. I get 


'[FireDAC][Phys][FB]-312. Exact update affected [0] rows, while [1] was requested'.

This is my code using TFDTable


    BudSys_DB.Active := true;
    BudSys_DB.RecNo := recnum;

This gives the same error 


    if BudSys_DB.Locate('KEY', sysp^.key, []) then begin
      del_sys := true; end;

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On 10/19/2022 at 10:50 AM, tobenschain said:

BudSys_DB.RecNo := recnum;

Really ! I don't think this use of recnum is serious. Why don't you use something like 

if FDConnection.ExecSQL('DELETE FROM mytable where Key=:K',[sysp^.key ])>0 then showmessage('record(s) deleted'); 

Even if I am not sure of this sysp^.key have the good value 😲 expect yes, but this should be tested by debug

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