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[Fmx, iOS] >iOS-Output err=Installed applications lookup failed (attempt 1 of 5 in 5 secs)

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Hi there,


everyday a new error message, when trying to send a debug version to iOS device via PASever.

Nothing changed, all went fine before.

I deleted the old all on the device, and re-build project, and start again.

That seems to work.


Hope that helps somebody, since this issue was never mentioned in the web before.

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Please specify what version of Delphi (if different to your tagged version of 10.2 Tokyo), Xcode, iOS SDK, and iOS on the device.

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Sorry. 10.3.1 Rio of coarse.

XCode 10.x  iOs 12.1.3


Sorry. Not in the Office.  But should be all near latest version

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