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Dave Craggs


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How do you get a StackTrace when an exception occurs?


I have implement a logger inheriting from TDUnitXNullLogger


Got this in OnTestError


procedure TJPANUllLogger.OnTestError(const threadId: TThreadID;
  const Error: ITestError);
  FCurrentTestItem.Error := True;
  FCurrentTestItem.StackTrace := Error.StackTrace;
  Codesite.SendFmtMsg('StackTrace %s',[Error.StackTrace]);
  Codesite.SendFmtMsg('Message %s',[Error.ExceptionMessage]);
  Codesite.SendFmtMsg('LocationInfo %s',[Error.ExceptionLocationInfo]);
  Codesite.SendFmtMsg('AddressInfo %s',[Error.ExceptionAddressInfo]);

ExceptionMessage is coming through, but not StackTrace

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The StackTrace property is just a placeholder, it is always empty. There is no built-in way to get the stacktrace. Hard to believe, but here is what the official documentation says:


System.SysUtils.Exception.StackTrace - RAD Studio API Documentation (embarcadero.com)


By default, StackTrace is always an empty string. 


In order to use the StackTrace property to obtain the stack trace for exceptions, you have to use (or implement) a stack trace provider. There are a number of third-party solutions, both commercial and free.

Some of the stack trace providers are:

For more information on how to use some of the above third-party stack trace providers, see the following blog posts:


A few years ago, I used the Jedi Code library. After that, I completely removed the JCL from our products and since then, I am just using the "FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll" which exports a few handy methods that will give you the stack trace as a string list.

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OK got it working. Needed to include 

{$I DUnitX.Stacktrace.inc}


Needed to be edited to enable MadExcept5


Also needed to add DUnitX.StackTrace.MadExcept5 to the project.


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