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PlusMemo is an enhanced memo component for Delphi and CBuilder, with comprehensive syntax highlighting features. I have been a satisfied user for 20 years and have recommended it here in the past. Powerful, fast, and simple to specify keywords and syntax elements, with samples for some common file types such as HTML, and with various editor-related utilities included. And of course the good set of user editing features that you would expect in a high-quality editor.

I just discovered that it has recently become 'free with source', with packages for from D2009 to Alexandria. Definitely worth a look, at ecmqc.com/plusmemo/pmHome.htm, if you need any type of syntax highlighting editor in your applications.

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I just tried the PlusMemo editor. Looks very interesting. Loads a text much faster than standard Windows RichEdit. The Win32 version failed to load large files, but a 50MB XML file can be loaded, plugged in a highlighter, and edited comfortably.


Conclusion: it's a great rich text editor, thanks for bringing it to our attention! And thanks to the developers for open sourcing it!

It would be great to see it on Github.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Kryvich said:

 And thanks to the developers for open sourcing it!

Unless I missed something, it does not appear to be open source. Rather, they specify that each download contains pre-compiled DCU files.

It appears that I did miss the zip file with source. Makes it much more interesting.

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