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GExperts 1.3.22 experimental twm 2023-03-25 released

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The new GExperts version still supports all Delphi versions back to Delphi 6 (with the notable exception of Delphi 8 ) and even the Delphi 11 version is no longer in Beta state.


There are even a few new features:

* Fast add mode for the Uses Clause Manager is back.

* Uses Clause Manager: Units “System” and “SysInit” and those already in the uses list are marked with strike through font.

* New functionality to import the favourites from the Wuppdi Welcome Page

* Form Hotkeys expert now allows assigning hotkeys.

* For the Edit Path expert one can now select the default platform / configuration to edit

* Grep no longer stops when it encounters an error (e.g. a file cannot be found or opened).

* A non feature: The Goto Previous/Next Modifications editor experts were removed because they caused more trouble than they were worth.


Several of those were contributed by GExperts users. Thanks a lot guys (and one girl).

And of course a few bug fixes.


Read on in the blog post

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Is it possible with GExperts to add a shortcut to close the current tab in Delphi IDE by using Ctrl+W?

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