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8 hours ago, Anders Melander said:

does that imply grey beard?

I mean it with all respect, it is not a bad thing to be a grey beard.



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They do seem to be looking for a pretty experienced developer but does that imply grey beard? And how do you conclude that the salary is minimal?

The position in Frederick, Maryland is about 20 miles from my house.  For the last 4 years this company has been advertising remote Delphi Developer positions working for the Legal & General America Headquarters located at 3275 Bennett Creek Ave in Frederick, MD 21704, United States.  Many days I would receive 6 calls a day from different headhunters looking to fill this position.  Frequently the connection is very bad (voip) and the indian accent is very difficult to understand.  I have interviewed with one of the vendors trying to fill the position, Diverse Lynx.  Eventually, I cut off all communications with this company because they appeared to be human traffickers and completely untrustworthy.
I am a grey beard as was mentioned in one of the earlier posts.  I could do the job with very little effort.  Something is very fishy about this position in Frederick, MD.  They are looking to fill the position for $50/hour.


Dick Maley

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Posted (edited)
On 4/1/2023 at 8:21 PM, SwiftExpat said:


Thanks & Regards
Anand Raj | Lead - Talent Acquisition (US Division)
Teamware Solutions Inc |2838 E. Long Lake Road,Suite# 210, TROY, MI 48085 😧 |

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