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Anyone know of an AVIF Image Decoder for Delphi?

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It's a relatively new image format, part of the AV1 specification.


I haven't found any Delphi compatible sample code or a dll with Delphi headers for this format, any hints?

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6 hours ago, DelphiUdIT said:

ImageEn https://www.imageen.com/info/ support AVIF format.


But is not free.




Edit: also you can extract c headers form there https://github.com/AOMediaCodec/libavif and convert to pascal wrappers.

ImageEn is overkill and I can't pay for it.


I couldn't find the actual compiled DLL for the GitHub project, otherwise I'd do the headers myself. I simply can't compile the DLLs as I don't have the infrastructure for this.

I am aware that there is a section in the readme file that points to a windows library, but it doesn't link to a DLL (the only file there is "avif_x64_Release.lib"), so I'm not sure how I can use that in Delphi.



4 hours ago, programmerdelphi2k said:

maybe a simple search in Github you'll find some:  google search -->    site:github.com AVIF  "Delphi"  "Decode"

Nope, nothing came up (and I did search both Google and Github before posting here).


4 hours ago, dwrbudr said:

Probably you could use TWICImage to load AV1 files if this is installed: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/av1-video-extension/9MVZQVXJBQ9V

Thank you, but that's a video component, which interestingly enough is not an issue as there are AV1 video decoders out there that can be used in Delphi through DirectShow.

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I think it includes decoder for images as well. But probably you have to install the following extension since the container is HEIF, where the image itself is encoded in AV1.




So, install both extensions and give it a try using TWICImage


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1 hour ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:

They only seems to have static library, not dll.


There is a project for Lazarus / FPC that have this dll. This is the main branch:



The libraries "libavif.zip" (but i don't know nothing about them) are in subfolder "lazpaint/release/windows".


Look at license of course.



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