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Multi-year Delphi Project canceled, free capacities (Germany)

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Since a multi-year project  was canceled at short notice without any reason given, I have free capacities.


- Modernization of programs, architecture design, frameworks, components etc.
- Consulting, Training on the Job
- Analysis & Code Reviews

- >35 years of software development 
- Delphi 11.3 (since Delphi 1), C++ Builder
- RemObjects, TMS ALL Access, DevExpress, Devart UniDac, TsiLang, Fast Report, Report Builder, CodeSite etc.
- iOS App development (own architecture)


I can also work on a daily or weekly basis or provide assistance via Teamviewer in urgent cases.

I will send my profile on request: sw.architect@icloud.com 


Thank you, 
kind regards
Michael Young


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Sorry for late reply, I'm recovering from a fairly heavy illness.

I have a LinkedIn Profile, but is not uptodate as all contacts up to now just wanted to sell services or were looking for a job,

never got anything interesting.

But I will work and update it this week and then post the info here.



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