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David Schwartz

Delphi job req I just got

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I just got this from somebody who claims to have found my resume somewhere. This is pretty much the same as every other job req I've been seeing for the past few years. Other than mentioning Delphi, I have no clue what skills they are looking for, or even what the application domain is. And since they client is asking for 3-5 years of experience, I cannot imagine them hiring someone with even 10 years of experience. Why is this guy even sending this to someone like me? I'm guessing they're just harvesting resumes.


I don't know about anybody else, but after 40 years, my resume doesn't change a whole lot from one year to the next. I can't cover more than 10 years without making it too long; sadly, the projects I worked on in the 90's were the most fun but nobody wants to hear about things I did when they were kids. So there's not much in an updated resume that's they don't already have, maybe one or two more lines about my latest endeavors.


One red-flag to me is the CMMI Level 3. This means you're not changing any line of code that isn't tied back to a change request somewhere in Jira. 





Hope you are doing great.


My name is Naga Devi and I work for Ameriinfo Inc. I have come across your impressive credentials from one of the job boards and wanted to check your availability.

If you are available, I have included a job description below and would appreciate your response along with your latest resume, best number, and a time to connect.  If you are not interested or the job is not suitable, please accept my apology and I request your support with references.



Position: Delphi Developer

Location: Remote


The Challenge: 

  • The Delphi multi-tiered Desktop Application Developer supports the client’s mission by developing quality software within a structured and mature software development life-cycle environment, preferably an agile development environment.
  • This position works closely with the customer and team members, especially the Functional Analyst, SQA (Software Quality Assurance), and other developers to ensure that modifications and enhancements to existing software and development of new software products provide efficient and effective solutions for the customer.
  • The applicant for this position will be involved in all aspects of application development, including analysis, requirements documentation, design, development and test site deployment and issue tracking and resolution.
  • The applicant will work closely and take direction from the lead Delphi Developer and the Project Manager.

Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s (or higher) in Computer Science or similar field of study with an application development focus preferred.
  • Required Years of Experience: 3 years, or 5 years of additional relevant experience may be substituted for education



                 Designing, developing, testing, deploying software.  

                 Defect resolution and issue tracking.

                 Development of new functionality and modification to existing applications.

                 Participating in agile development life-cycle to include daily scrum calls, sprint planning and build planning.

                 Assisting and working with other Delphi developers as well as Mumps developers.

                 Work in Jira to track and update status on work activities.


Minimum Qualifications:

                 The applicant must possess written and verbal communication skills required to work with team members and assist with documentation to include but not limited to software documentation, work activities, issue tracking, technical manuals, and other work processes.

                 Has high standards, results oriented, and a commitment to delivering high quality production time

                 Although rarely required, applicants must also be willing to travel occasionally.

                 Preferred Qualifications:

                 6+ months of experience working with VistA integration development.

                 Prior experience working with tools such as Jira, Service Now and GitHub

                 CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Maturity Level 3, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2015 or 9001:2001, and ITIL experience a plus



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Respond asking him to call you and talk about the application domain. That usually eliminates the recruiters that copy job postings.

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I found an exact copy of this same job req on LinkedIn from someone else. The real client is Booze-Allen-Hamilton (or whatever their name is these days) and it's for the VA, who probably wrote the copy itself. I used to work for a company on a similar project.

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14 hours ago, David Schwartz said:

One red-flag to me is the CMMI Level 3. This means you're not changing any line of code that isn't tied back to a change request somewhere in Jira. 

That is actually not as horrible as you might think. In fact the exact opposite, once you work with more than two folks on a project AND need to save time on discussions about who changed what and why. On a side note: ISO 9001 is a joke, try ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 for a less fun time.

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Thankfully, my days of working for large corporations with their policies aimed at micromanaging programmer activities are over.


I don't have an issue with Traceability. What i have an issue with is when you're working for a company and they put you through a few days of formal training in something like Agile that goes through things in detail, then you get back to your project and are told things aren't really the way you were taught. Such as, while Development owns the Backlog, Developers aren't allowed to write up Change Tickets or submit anything into the Backlog, only the Client is, and that requires a detailed documentation of the errors and how to reproduce them. Which is fine unless the errors are not reproducible because of existing bugs that the Client won't ever see, but Devs can and do find them. 


We're hired as "experts" and then managed like monkeys. I'm done with it. Got my own stuff to play with now. 🙂

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On 7/20/2023 at 1:53 PM, David Schwartz said:

We're hired as "experts" and then managed like monkeys.

Well... Labor is always under attack from people who can't contribute to a company but still need to make themselves look useful. Programmers are now viewed as labor, software developers not so much. I've seen people from HR moved into the role of UX/UI designer, with no experience or training. Great projects with no barnacles are very hard to find.

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