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As you are reading this message, you probably use ICS. Good!

But have you taken time to register your ICS copy?


ICS is freeware but to use it, you must register it.


Registration is very simple: just mail a [real, paper] picture postcard to the author (me). You can find instructions in the readme8.txt file in ICS distribution.




PS: If you already sent your picture postcard, simply ignore this message.


If you want to know if I received it, then you must tell me by email when you sent it, from which country and what the picture look like (I have several thousands postcards!).



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I don't currently use ICS but was wondering about the SSL components. The ReadMeIcsSslSrc.txt implies that there is a fee to use it. Can you confirm what it is, please? It is not overly clear to me on the web site. Many thanks.

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SSL is included in the standard ICS distribution completely free of charge as the whole ICS.

The fee date back a long time, when there was a kind of sponsoring of ICS users needing SSL support. They had the product before it became free.

As I said, now there is only a single ICS which include SSL support.


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15 hours ago, Martyn Spencer said:

. The ReadMeIcsSslSrc.txt implies that there is a fee to use it.

Where did you find that file, it was removed from the distributions 10 years ago when SSL become free?




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Posted (edited)

I see what I have done. I did not realise that the most recent version included the SSL files (should have read the explanatory text better) and I downloaded the separate (older) SSL files. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

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