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  1. corneliusdavid

    Delphi 11.1 - High DPI

    The quick and lazy way to handle this is to turn off the Scaled property in all your forms but then all your controls will be really tiny when the Windows scaling is cranked up. What you'll need to do is change several aspects of your forms to gracefully rearrange themselves as heights and widths change. Notice I didn't say "re-design" your forms but it does take some work. Get to know the Align and Anchors properties first. Consider using container components that automatically rearrange components but keep them in their place like the TFlowPanel and TGridPanel. There are many other things you can do--a quick internet search will reveal many blog posts and articles over the years. Here's a good starting point: https://zarko-gajic.iz.hr/writing-and-enabling-delphi-application-to-support-high-dpi-displays-and-4k-screen-resolutions/