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  1. That's very good, could you please show an example of how you did this?
  2. Very good, you figured out how to use audio codecs in Bass, say (Opus). I tried but there are problems with decoding
  3. Martifan

    XCode 12 compile error

    Can you post the archive somewhere? thank you in advance
  4. Martifan

    XCode 12 compile error

    I have a free version, but this patch is not there
  5. Martifan

    XCode 12 compile error

    thanks, but it's empty, can you put it somewhere on the cloud? thank you in advance
  6. Martifan

    XCode 12 compile error

    where can I download it?
  7. Martifan

    CoreAnimation Error

    Hello, I have a problem like this: after switching from background to foreground, the application freezes for 8-10 seconds, and then continues to work and gives an error in the logs: CoreAnimation: warning, deleted thread with uncommitted CATransaction; set CA_DEBUG_TRANSACTIONS=1 in environment to log backtraces, or set CA_ASSERT_MAIN_THREAD_TRANSACTIONS=1 to abort when an implicit transaction isn't created on a main thread. what is the problem and how to solve it? thanks in advance
  8. Hello everyone, Please tell me, how do I use “Pushkit “? How do I register a “Token”? And how do I send a notification
  9. Martifan

    TMapView Draw route

    Delphi 10.4.1 Draws crookedly, the lines go somewhere above
  10. Martifan

    TMapView Draw route

  11. Martifan

    TMapView Draw route

    Hello everyone, please tell me how to draw a route between point A to point B? on delphi, iOS
  12. Martifan

    IPhone style

    oh yes, that's it, thanks the result is returned: TUserInterfaceStyle.Light или Result := TUserInterfaceStyle.Dark
  13. Martifan

    IPhone style

    Hello, how can you find out what style is in the iPhone? (Black or white) P.S. Example if possible on Delphi Thanks in advance