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  1. osterhaegar

    New GExperts Feature: Favorites menu

    You're welcome. You once told me to stop complaining and submit a patch. And you were right. (And you are allowed to mention my name. 😉 )
  2. osterhaegar

    Delphi Version in profile

    Even that is difficult. I have worked on projects with whatever Delphi version the customer was using. And that changes every few weeks. There are some that seem to be more popular, like 10.x, XE2, 2007 and 7, but I would have to create a statistics to find out which one I used most.
  3. osterhaegar

    Delphi Version in profile

    Hi, I just joined (Thanks @Daniel for the new forum.) and tried to fill something sensible into my profile. It allows me to select the "Delphi version I use", which I simply can't, because it would be basically "All of them" (OK, everything >= Delphi 7). Maybe this should not be a single setting but a list? Daniela