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  1. They are very similar to each other, as they both use the same supporting services, however, I felt that VSCode - when it works, works a little better, due to the way the whole code completion system is designed.
  2. sakura

    HTML-based MVVM

    HTML/JavaScript is single-threaded by definition of all browsers at this point, therefore that shouldn't be a big problem. To get a two-threaded solution, you would need a background service-worker, but that's it as of now for JavaScript/HTML solutions.
  3. For deactivation, just search the forum, that is possible. Changing HTM is no longer an option.
  4. The welcome page is no longer HTML/CSS/JS, but a VCL solution now, so there is no such directory any longer.
  5. sakura

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Also, check out https://www.wpcubed.com/pdf/
  6. When I am in the office, I actually use three different scalings πŸ™‚ However, I do not use GExperts, but yes, strange setups are part of the Windows environment.
  7. Hi, since about 4 hours, the DP does not show any topics in the fluid display mode any more...? Usually, I have no categories selected, thus showing all of them...
  8. That might have happened, thx.
  9. I am not sure, how I got it enabled like this, but here is a way to replay the problem. General Discussions as whole group was selected, which you cannot achieve manually - but by following this link: https://en.delphipraxis.net/?forumId=8 When in fluid view, you will notice (which I did not), that the group heading is slighty highlighted. Selecting any group, will show its contents, but removing that check mark again, will bring you back to my previous problem... Know, clicking on the "General Discussion" group header, will unselect that group and bring all back to its original state. I do not know, how I got into the problem in the first place, I just found a way to replay it... Anyways, all back to normal for me.
  10. Both, yes... 😐
  11. Alternatively try https://github.com/synopse/mormot2 - the mormot.core.json and mormot.core.variants units contain what you would need.
  12. sakura

    What is the correct approach to "phone home"?

    Number 3, and creating a simple HTTP web server is no magic work. You may do that with Apache/PHP, IIS/ASP.NET, or even Delphi and internet network protocols. For each way, there are simple solutions.
  13. I am not sure, whether the Hyper-USB "problem" still exists, however, when I had to made this decision, Hyper-V did not support connection of USB devices into the virtual machine, while VMWare does that without any problems. I you require to develop to access hardware directly, Hyper-V might not be possible, This was three years ago, anyway.
  14. sakura

    Do bug fix patches really require active subscription?

    That's their money printing press, yes 😐
  15. sakura

    What about this Error ?

    Would you mind writing a bit more about what you did, how can we reproduce that? Btw, you can copy&paste the messages from the message pane...
  16. Take a look above the text editor, in the toolbar and look for the </> button, press that to insert code πŸ™‚
  17. Only, and only if your application does not depend upon that DLL to do its work. If it is an extension, giving extra features, not needed for the overall result, then you may use it that way. However, if the main purpose of your application depends on that DLL, it is to be published under GPL as well.
  18. Hi, I have a IDE plug-in which acts upon an opened file in the IDE (IOTAIDENotifier.FileNotification - aNotifyCode = ofnFileOpened). It loads the corresponding IOTAModule and the IOTAEditorContent for the PAS-File Before displaying, I want to do some formating for the viewer and set the content through the IOTAEditorContent interface. Nicely, as I do not call MarkModified, the editor view acts like the content has not been modified. However, the IOTAModule believes that the module has been modified and asks, whether the changes shall be saved (which I do not desire, when just viewing). Is there a way, to inform the IDE, that at this point, no changes have occurred. The question to save changes should not appear, when the user did not actually change anything πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Daniel
  19. Hi, just for you guys to weigh in, we have located a bug in the Delphi 10.4 compiler, that removes a totally valid assign statement in RELEASE mode, believing, that the code will never be executed. The actual method is from the mORMot library in releases before last week (unit SynCommons.pas, method TSynAnsiFixedWidth.AnsiBufferToUTF8. A full discussion is available at the mORMot-Forum: https://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5520 . I have reported the bug to Embarcadero: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-30088 . Please check out my report and try to confirm and weigh in there. It should be reproducible. --- Note, the compiler will tell you (Hint H2077), that the value assigned is never used and thus, in RELEASE mode, with optimizations enabled, drop the code completely. Thanks for your time and support πŸ‘
  20. sakura

    Buggy Optimizer in Delphi 10.4

    Let's not discuss the GOTO - first, it is not my code, but code from a library I use, second, the full method from the library certainly benefits from it. It is not always possible to optimize for everything cleanly. For full details, follow the links πŸ˜‰
  21. Yes, no change, the IOTAEditorContent object itself is not even marked as modified, it's the module, which is "knowing" that something has happened. 😐
  22. Further on, the function is to ensure a properly nulled reference, even if something fails. A object that failed during Free/Destroy is usually not usable any longer anyways.
  23. Yeah, that was my first thought... not really better, though the name of the method itself tells the story. Yet, for someone, who does not quite yet understand all the quirks of Delphi, this is a little frustrating...
  24. sakura

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 10.4?

    Yepp, I know why πŸ˜„ The original Welcome Page was designed by me during the field test, and at that time "wuppdi" was the "thing" at the German Delphi Praxis, and I wanted to include that somehow and that's how it ended up there πŸ˜„ wuppdi is a simple CSS class to hide different things. doShow CSS class was used to override wuppdi πŸ˜„