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  1. Sadly not, that's why I've posted parts of it above. Remote is fine. Not quite decided yet, but likely within Europe is fine.
  2. We are looking for Delphi developers working on our existing and new products. Your tasks: development of backend classes based on DDD architecture development based on defined requirements working on risk analysis and test requirements Your profile: senior (Delphi) developer experiences working with current development tools working with teams and alone knowledge with common dmbs knowledge with mORMot advantageous German and/or English Further information can be found in our official job offer: https://www.psyprax.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/Stellenanzeigen/MA_Software-Entwickler_.pdf Feel free to contact me for any questions.
  3. sakura

    EULA declined installing 11.1 with Network Named license

    Any and all fixing security holes. I do not follow them in detail, 😉 but remembering some news about some big ones within the last year.
  4. sakura

    EULA declined installing 11.1 with Network Named license

    Why would you continue to use Windows 7, which has absolutely no support since more than two years? I understand that you may not be interested in the newest features, etc. But security updates in those days is something I would not want to miss out on...
  5. They are very similar to each other, as they both use the same supporting services, however, I felt that VSCode - when it works, works a little better, due to the way the whole code completion system is designed.
  6. sakura

    HTML-based MVVM

    HTML/JavaScript is single-threaded by definition of all browsers at this point, therefore that shouldn't be a big problem. To get a two-threaded solution, you would need a background service-worker, but that's it as of now for JavaScript/HTML solutions.
  7. For deactivation, just search the forum, that is possible. Changing HTM is no longer an option.
  8. The welcome page is no longer HTML/CSS/JS, but a VCL solution now, so there is no such directory any longer.
  9. sakura

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Also, check out https://www.wpcubed.com/pdf/
  10. When I am in the office, I actually use three different scalings 🙂 However, I do not use GExperts, but yes, strange setups are part of the Windows environment.
  11. That might have happened, thx.
  12. I am not sure, how I got it enabled like this, but here is a way to replay the problem. General Discussions as whole group was selected, which you cannot achieve manually - but by following this link: https://en.delphipraxis.net/?forumId=8 When in fluid view, you will notice (which I did not), that the group heading is slighty highlighted. Selecting any group, will show its contents, but removing that check mark again, will bring you back to my previous problem... Know, clicking on the "General Discussion" group header, will unselect that group and bring all back to its original state. I do not know, how I got into the problem in the first place, I just found a way to replay it... Anyways, all back to normal for me.
  13. Hi, since about 4 hours, the DP does not show any topics in the fluid display mode any more...? Usually, I have no categories selected, thus showing all of them...