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  1. Halil Han Badem

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    I have that same problem. I guess it is not activated for all licenses. Delphi 11 appears on the client page, but not in the License manager application. Although I have a subscription until 2023. I will wait for tomorrow.
  2. Halil Han Badem


    Yes, here the compiler may not give correct information to the developer. For this, when adding a value to the Watch list, we need to prefix the value defined in with...do. And of course the field value. you need to re-read my reply. I stated that it was a bad idea, BUT I CREATED THE FUNCTION THAT HE WANTED, BECAUSE IT AGAINST SOLUTIONS IN THE QUESTION THAT ASKED. Before copy-pasting, you need to make your own edits.
  3. Halil Han Badem


    "Application.ProccessMessages" yes WRONG in terms of usage but...For some reason, it was hard to quit using this command in the past when I found out what it actually did. I was seeing this command when I looked at the examples with while loops. Sometimes, even if we see it on the internet i realized that we had to investigate. I understood the issue with the first person who warned us that we should research that code. Thank you for the information.
  4. Halil Han Badem


    Hi :) This is the first time I've heard of this from you. I've had no problems with with..do since the past. So it was others who lived (reading the code) and had problems with the compiler. Thanks for the info mate.
  5. Halil Han Badem


    You don't want to do what you have to do because you don't want filter and sql. With Locate, you can refer to a specific value in a specific field. If you want to be a crazy developer you can try the code below. However, this code will affect you very badly in terms of performance and it is a method that I do not recommend at all. I pity the user if there are too many records... 😞 I created such a function by blending it with your request. There may be times when it does not give accurate results. It's a context dependent situation. Here's an example from UniDAC: function SearchAndLocate(DataTable: TUniTable; Column, Value: String): Boolean; begin with DataTable do begin Result := False; if not DataTable.Active then DataTable.Active := True; if DataTable.RecordCount <= 0 then raise exception.Create('record not found lmao'); First; while not Eof do begin if ContainsStr(FieldByName(Column).Value, Value) then begin Result := True; break; end; Next; end; end; end; Usage: SearchAndLocate(UniTable1, 'value', '04') MY ADVICE: USE SQL OR FILTER!
  6. Hi, If you had sent the entire request, I could have responded more accurately. Fiddler etc. Compare an application with the requests in the test and production version. If there is a difference and there is a problem with Envelope, you can interfere with the XML request with the help of the code below; procedure OnBeforeExecute(const MethodName: string; SOAPRequest: TStream); var G: TStringList; begin SOAPRequest.Position := 0; G := TStringList.Create; try G.LoadFromStream(SOAPRequest); ///You have to do the operations here. SOAPRequest.Size := 0; SOAPRequest.Position := 0; G.SaveToStream(SOAPRequest); finally G.Free; end; end; This is a code snippet for the HTTPRio OnBeforeExecute event. I'm assuming you are using WSDL imports. If you add healthy requests in the subject, I may have the opportunity to examine it. Best regards.
  7. Halil Han Badem

    HBComponents - hbOAuth, hbGoogle, hbMailSender

    Thank you for your feedback. I will make corrections on the subject as soon as possible.
  8. Halil Han Badem

    HBComponents - hbOAuth, hbGoogle, hbMailSender

    Thank you sir. I understand, but for now it is only designed for OAuth 1.0 system.
  9. Halil Han Badem

    HBComponents - hbOAuth, hbGoogle, hbMailSender

    Yes, I wrote that class for Wordpress plugin Woocommerce API validation. I haven't reviewed the OAuth 2.0 documentation yet. If I need it in the future, I will include it in the set. In the future, I will add the component that performs encryption and decryption with AES256-CBC to the set. A very common situation; For example, I have seen many questions such as AES output with PHP is not the same as Delphi. I have solved this problem in the past. I'm thinking of turning it into a component and including it in the set again. I'm thinking of working in OAuth 2.0 in the future. I had developed a project for AES 256 encryption where one part encrypts and the other part reads. I just completed the project that does two-sided encryption/decryption. I'll add it when my workload is less. Sorry for my bad english 😞 https://github.com/halilhanbadem/AES-256-CBCEncryptionDelphi_PHP
  10. Greetings to everyone! My first post on this forum. Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I turned some of the classes I had developed for the problems I encountered in daily life into a component set. I'm thinking of making additions in the future. I just wanted to add in case it helps. You can find detailed information on readme.md. I'll keep it short so I don't make it too long. Github: https://github.com/halilhanbadem/delphi-hb-components Thanks.