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  1. George Birbilis

    iOS handle incoming url

    Has anyone implemented a really cross-platform solution that works under Windows and OS-X too? (maybe under Linux too) I know though it's much harder in recent Windows versions to register a custom protocol. update: now that I checked what universal links are (links not starting with a custom protocol, but pointing to one's website), probably Win10/11 already have support for such concept (not sure about Win8), but wonder if it hijacks it before the url is passed to default browser, or if there maybe browsers that don't support it (say Firefox for example) I mean the "Apps for websites" under Settings/Apps Then there's also Windows 7 support issue, but maybe one could use ClickOnce launching of the app from the site page for browsers that support it
  2. George Birbilis

    PAServer iOS

    Isn't exposing it just via port forwarding insecure? A VPN would help "hide" it
  3. George Birbilis

    TMemo - How to select (highlight) a line of text in code?

    thanks, was also looking for "SelectedText" to get the current selection and it seems it's only available under the Model