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  1. ergeka

    Using FDMemTable

    Is the option 'CachedUpdates' activated? Ralf
  2. Had a similar issue with TFDQuery and MariaDB. Blob fields were not read completely due to an outdated 'libmariadb.dll'. So maybe it's worth to make sure 'libmysql.dll' is up to date. Regards, Ralf
  3. ergeka

    FireDac Select with parameter, how to renew

    This should work: dm.fdc.Param.ParamByName('pC').asString := 'Woolworth'; dm.fdc.Open;
  4. ergeka


    I am using it with an empty string with MARIADB/MySQL. According to the documentation this should work for MSSQL too.
  5. ergeka

    Shellexecute @ UBUNTU platform

    Perhaps this gives an idea. https://chapmanworld.com/2017/04/06/calling-linux-commands-from-delphi/
  6. ergeka

    XML FindNode

    Use a blank namespace for all subnodes. BaseNode := ElementNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('AdditionalDocumentReference',''); Regards, Ralf