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Found 1 result

  1. Consider this pseudo code uses Rest.Json; TDateClass = class private FHasDate: TDateTime; FNoDate: TDateTIme; public constructor Create; property HasDate: TDateTime read FHasDate write FHasDate; property NoDate: TDateTime read FNoDate write FNoDate; end; constructor TDateClass.Create; begin HasDate := Now; NoDate := 0; end; var Json: String; DateClass: TDateClass; begin DateClass := TDateClass.Create; Json := TJson.ObjectToJsonString(Self, [joIgnoreEmptyStrings, joIgnoreEmptyArrays, joDateIsUTC, joDateFormatISO8601]); which results in the Json string looking like { "HasDate":"2019-02-14T06:09:00.000Z", "NoDate":"1899-12-30T00:00:00.000Z", } while the ideal result would be { "HasDate":"2019-02-14T06:09:00.000Z", } Q:Is there a way to make TDateTime properties with a zero value be output as an empty string - and hence be stripped?