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Mark Williams

TFDBatchMove delete records

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I am using a TFDQuery component to load and edit records from a table using CachedUpdates.


Records can be deleted from the table as well as edited and appended.


The BatchMove component in dmDelete mode deletes all records in the query and not just those that have been flagged for deletion.


Is there any way of using the BatchMove component so that it only deletes records where the updateStatus is usDeleted?

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Posted (edited)

I was configuring the Batchmove as follows:


   FBatchMove := TFDBatchMove.Create(nil);
   FReader := TFDBatchMoveDataSetReader.Create(FBatchMove);
   FWriter := TFDBatchMoveSQLWriter.Create(FBatchMove);
     FBatchMove.Mode := dmDelete;

I assumed (obviously incorrectly) that the batchmove component would only delete the records with an update status of usDeleted. I assume there is a way of configuring it for specific ideas, however, I have had so muh trouble with BatchMove that I have completely moved away from it now and using Array DML instead which is so much less hassle.

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