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Davide Angeli

HIDPI problems on latest GExperts r4210

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Hi, I'm using D11.3 on HIDPI monitor 3840x2160 with 200% zoom (Windows 11).


I've just updated GExpert to latest r4210 and now I'm experiencing some annoying problems realated to hidpi:

  • "Procedure List" is unusable: the form is opened incredibly big it is even larger than the screen and only the first column with a very large font is visible. The only way to move is to press alt-space
  • The "Grep Results" window is a mess: has some parts very small, some big same normal..


Grep Results:



Procedure List


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Please file a but report on SourceForge, I always look at SourceForge when I find time to work on GExperts.

Otherwise I might overlook/forget about this.

(Obviously the problem does not occur on my computer, because if it did, I wouldn't have made that commit.)

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I have updated today and done a Build.
Version 1.3.24 build 4222

My Settings are

1. Monitor  2560 x 1440 96 dpi

2. Monitor 5120 x 2880 working on 200% (tested also with 175 and 225 %)

I can confirm the "Grep Results" is working on HighDpi
but on first start it will be always on the "Main Screen" in my case my 96 Dp Screen. For me no problem

the "Procedure List" works on High Dpi but on 96 Dpi the List is to big.

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