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Larry Hengen

Android Log Capture

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Please excuse the noob question as I'm sure it has been answered before, my google fu is just failing me.


Does the IDE have the ability to capture ADB logs in a window?  I have stumbled across a few external utilities to do so, one from an MVP in Japan and one from Kim Madsen but neither one seems to work with Rio.  The first one won't detect the attached device, and the second one throws an immediate error upon launch.  Using Android Studio for logcat is major overkill, and chews up all my resources.


Seems to me this is a pretty reasonable expectation of an IDE for a development target.


Any suggestions on working lightweight solutions?  I am using Rio 10.3.1


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Thanks all for the suggestions.  I am surprised one of these solutions has not been purchased or incorporated into the product by EMBT.

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