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John Kouraklis

Any tips to speed up Android linking and deployment?

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Hi all,


have you got any tips about how to speed up the linking phase when I compile an app for android? Right now it sticks at the linking phase for maybe 1-1.5 minutes.


I run Delphi in VM and I have a phsical android tablet.



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For example in Debug mode: you can change the Project Options\Compiling\Debugging\Debug informatioin to "Limited Debug information".


Debugging on mobile is limited anyway (sadly), so it doesn't make sense to keep full info here.

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Debugging works for me (most of the time).


Generally I have ony the tip to keep apps as modular as posssible, so to be able to test each module functinaly separately.

Best of all try to develop single modules under Win or if special mobile behaviour: test under Android/iOS, so to reach reasonable turnaround cycles.

Smaller, separated test apps compile usually fine and also deployment is much faster.

Only when the app is close to final testing the complete final app, by putting all single modules together, is slower and then hopefully works as expected.


Also I wonder where the bottlenecks really lay and howto improve, but this is probably by a lot of files shuffling around for signing, deployment, packaging, etc.
So a fast hardware and SSD and enough RAM capacity is of coarse a must.


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Debugging is not working for me....IDE always complains that can not bind to the port is already in use (???)


My apps are quite modular but this does not really help the linking phase which is what takes ages. I suppose if I had release compiled versions of unchanged units this would speed things up but I think it is difficult to manually manage this.


I don't know if the signing can be skipped at all? The IDE produces an unsigned version but this is not what is used in the end.


One time I started looking at how I could build and deploy an app outside IDE (eg. from command line) but at the moment this is not possible as the deployment of assets is managed only by the deployment manager.


I wonder if tools from other dev environments can be used. For example, we could have a command line tool that runs MSBuild and then some external tools but I don't know how they work

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17 minutes ago, John Kouraklis said:

IDE always complains that can not bind to the port is already in use (???)

With that issue, usually restarting the device resolves it, for me.

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