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Dave Nottage

DelphiTwain on 64-bit

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Has anyone managed to make DelphiTwain:




work on 64-bit? The code loads the Twain DLL OK (TWAINDSM.DLL), however for me it fails in the LoadSourceManager routine:


FTwainProc(Info, nil, DG_CONTROL, DAT_PARENT, MSG_OPENDSM, @FVirtualWindow)


Which returns a result of TWRC_FAILURE. The corresponding condition code is TWCC_BADVALUE

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16 hours ago, David Heffernan said:

You followed the instructions for 64 bit compilers, made the necessary change to the code outlined on the page you linked, obtained 64 bit drivers etc?

Yes, since as I said, it loads the driver OK. The problem comes after that

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