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Make attention to Embarcadero

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Back in 2012 I made a petition to make Bold for Delphi open source. It is still there if anyone would like to sign https://www.change.org/p/embarcadero-technologies-release-the-intellectual-property-of-bold-for-delphi.

The target failed as Bold is still closed source. IP is kept by Embarcadero. 

But I achieved one thing. I got attention from Embarcadero. They actually answered my mails when the petitions had some hundred signs.

So my plan is the following. We make petition to get attention from Embarcadero.

It should contain ideas what we their customers want Embarcadero to change.
Ex, make a self-service portal for licenses. Focus less on features more on bugs. Make VCL opensource etc.
But only a few points. We should focus of most important things and explain why this is important.


  1. Set up a shared document at Google docs
  2. Cooperate around the expressions. I am sure there are many here that can write exactly what we need in a clear manner
  3. Publish the petition
  4. Spread the word to as many as possible
  5. When enough signs are collected we contact Embarcadero 🙂


Another thing, who is in charge of Delphi at Embarcadero? I talk to Marco Cantu sometimes but he claim he cannot make big decisions.

Is it some of these happy guys we should talk to https://www.ideracorp.com/leadership ?


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Spelling correction

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Yes, I corrected spelling. Anyway even if that guy is in charge of Delphi. I doubt he is reading this or other forums that people complaining about  how things are handled.
I think it is better to try do something concrete about it.

I made an empty document here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uxa9u09hE7tLEMau1Ld9OELJoTCTvxEyst6JY3yevzo/edit?usp=sharing
Anyone can add and edit the ideas.


What changes do we want from Embarcadero ?

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