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Darian Miller

Java Updated License Terms and Delphi

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I've been mostly living under a rock for a number of months... I just came out and installed my brand new copy of 10.3.1 and quickly went to lunch while it installed.


I came back and noticed the familiar Java update pending notice and started quickly clicking to get it updated before jumping into some dev work.  I then noticed the Updated License Terms screen and the "This version of the Java Runtime is licensed only for your personal (non commercial) desktop and laptop use." disclaimer.


Has this topic been beat to death yet?  : )   Links please!


Seriously though - for commercial Delphi android development, does Embarcadero cover our commercial license with whatever bundled license they have, or do we need to go direct to Oracle?





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Thank you for providing that link. On my reading of the page it is only OpenJDK which is free for commercial organisations.


According to the above graphic 'Java Setup' it must be the non-free version which Delphi is installing.

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