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Can't compile samples on CB2009

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Can you help me?

I can't compile samples on CB2009.


Here is steps:

  • I have installed OverbyteIcsV8.61 from .\Install\CB2009Install.groupproj 
  • Added to Include Path folder .\Lib\Debug\Win32\D2009
  • Open the sample project:
  • Project -> Build
  • Got error
    [BCC32 Fatal Error] sspi.h(61): F1003 Error directive: You must define one of SECURITY_WIN32, SECURITY_KERNEL, or 
  • Add SECURITY_WIN32 to project:
    Project -> Options -> C++ Compiler -> Directories and Conditondls -> Conditional defines
  • Project -> Build
  • Got strange error:
[BCC32 Error] Overbyteicssspi.hpp(87): E2293 ) expected

It is in the .\Lib\Debug\Win32\D2009\OverbyteIcsSspi.hpp:

//-- var, const, procedure ---------------------------------------------------
static const unsigned SEC_E_INVALID_HANDLE = 0x80090301;      // <---- It is the line with error


The same situation with other projects:

  • .\Samples\cpp\Internet\CB2009\OverbyteIcsWebServ.cbproj
  • .\Samples\cpp\Internet\CB2009\OverbyteIcsHttpPg.cbproj
  • .\Samples\cpp\Internet\CB2009\OverbyteIcsHttpsTst.cbproj


How it can be fixed?

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The hpp file is created by the compiler when you install the components. The source code is actually OverbyteIcsSspi.pas.

This source code reference several windows SDK header files. Maybe you have a different Windows SDK?

Also, look at the source code OverbyteIcsSspi.pas: it the file I have, the symbol SEC_E_INVALID_HANDLE is commented out.

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