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  1. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    Well, you wouldn't be able to detect some issues but a URL/percent encoding checker that would check for invalid encoding like when there is % that is not followed by two hexadecimal digits, and of course if there is that invalid space character. Possibly also detect encoded control characters like %00-%1F. I may have already written something like this a while back (I have to check as I can't remember for sure) but I thought that a function like this might already be in ICS. Not a big issue but perhaps something to consider.
  2. HTMLValidator.com

    C++ Code Insight in 10.4.2

    Thanks.... I'll start there and see if I can finally get it to work. If anyone else has any other ideas or resources then please share. Also, I'm still interested if it works for anyone here for any "real world" project.
  3. Doesn't even work for me... it just says "CodeInsight: Stopped". Does Code Insight even work for any C++ users with "real-world" projects?
  4. HTMLValidator.com

    C++ Code Insight in 10.4.2

    Every time I update I hold out a little hope that Code Insight will start working again for my real-world C++ projects. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened in years. When I hit Ctrl+Space, it very briefly changes the mouse pointer but does nothing. In the "Projects" Tool Window, there's a "Code Insight Activity" bar. What the heck is that suppose to do? Mine seems to always show "CodeInsight: Stopped". Is there a link that explains everything to check for in order to get Code Insight to work in C++? For example, all the requirements for it to work... and things to avoid that might break it. And it would be extremely useful if there was some way to see any messages that "Code Insight" might generating as to why it is failing. Also, if anyone has a real-world C++ project and Code Insight actually works for you, then please let me know. I'm curious if it works for anything other than tiny demo apps.
  5. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    Thanks. I've updated and it fixes the issue I mentioned. As you suggested, I'm also using onHeaderData to get the "raw" location URL (before encoding fixes/changes)... and basically throwing a warning if a location change URL contains a space character. While I have your attention... is there a quick "ICS" way/function to check a URL to see if there are any encoding issues with it? Right now I'm only checking for space characters (very basic).
  6. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    Well, I'm not sure how you are handling this... but when there was a location change to "https://www.htmlvalidator.com/test/contains space.txt" it looks like it encoded the URL to "https://www.htmlvalidator.com/test%2Fcontains%20space.txt", so it fixed the space character but broke the '/' character. Perhaps you should just change space characters to %20?
  7. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    Hello, I downloaded the latest SVN and it looks like the major issue with the link checker stalling is fixed so thank you very much! A minor issue... it looks like you're fixing the space character in location redirections which I think (in general) is a good idea but because I want my link checker to report issues and errors to the user, is there a way to detect that this fix/correction was done so I can report it to the user?
  8. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    That's great... thanks!
  9. HTMLValidator.com

    Link checking and TSslHttpCli problem

    Thanks for checking into this. My link checker should check for spaces in redirected URLs and report them and maybe fix them... I'll work on this, but this is not the main problem. I am still confused why the RequestDone function is called twice? Shouldn't it be called only once? The main problem is my link checker stalls out for some reason when this happens, and it never works again until the user exists and restarts my application. Did you find any indication of this issue also causing any serious problems or corruption with the operation of TSslHttpCli? I need to research more what is going on that this link stops/stalls my link checker. Having the TSslHttpCli correct bad URLs like browsers do seems like a good idea in the cases where it is trivial... but if one is running a link checker like I am, I would want a way to disable these corrections or somehow know that they have been done so I can report the problem to the user.
  10. HTMLValidator.com

    ICS V8.66 announced

    Thank you. Totally understand the time issue. However, this is a big issue for me so I hope that you will be able to find the time to help with it soon. UPDATE: Looks like you responded already... so nevermind... thanks!
  11. HTMLValidator.com

    Cannot install Konopka for Missing Function!

    Had this same problem when updating to 10.4.2. Found this old file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RaizeComponentsVcl270.bpl Deleted it. Tried installing again. Got a similar message but for different BPL. Found this old file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RaizeComponentsVclDb270.bpl Deleted it. Tried installing again. Now getting a "Cannot perform operation" dialog. Forcing shutdown. Reloading. Removing Konopka controls from "Install Packages". Tried installing again. Success! Finally! Now I bet it screwed up my 10.3 installation.
  12. HTMLValidator.com

    ICS V8.66 announced

    Thank you! I just updated to 8.65 and now 8.66 and 1.1.1k as I try to figure out this problem: Unfortunately the problem persists in 8.66 with 1.1.1k and I'd still love to get that issue resolved. I can say that 8.66 compiled fine (via Delphi environment) for my VCL usage with C++Builder in Sydney 10.4.1. Of course I had to set all the projects in D104InstallVclFmx.groupproj to generate all C++ files... I did not build the FMX projects though.
  13. I use TSslHttpCli for link checking in my application. I just installed the latest recommended release, 8.65. A user reported that the link checking in my application is stalling (getting stuck). This URL seems to be causing a problem: http://www.ec.gc.ca/dd-sd/Default.asp?lang=En&n=C2844D2D-1 When I try to check it using TSslHttpCli and HttpCli1->HeadASync(), I get two calls to OnRequestDone. 1. First, there is a location change to "http://ec.gc.ca/Error 404.html" (could the space character in the new URL cause a problem?) 2. Next there is a first RequestDone call with StatusCode 0 and ReasonPhrase "", which I've programmed to ignore because I expect a 2nd call to RequestDone 3. Next there is a second RequestDone call with StatusCode 200 and ReasonPhrase "OK". 4. Something goes wrong here and my link checker stalls/stops and I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if something is messed up / corrupted with TSslHttpCli ... especially since the RequestDone function is being called twice (is this a bug)? Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I'd really appreciate any insight into what might be happening. Thanks!
  14. HTMLValidator.com

    Error is 10053 but StatusCode is 200

    Thank you all. This is regarding a link checker in my software... so if the Error is 10053 and StatusCode is 200 then I'll just assume the link exists and ignore the 10053 error.
  15. HTMLValidator.com

    Error is 10053 but StatusCode is 200

    Thanks... but if the connection was aborted, why a StatusCode of 200 and ReasonPhrase of "OK"? Perhaps the connection was aborted after the status was received? Interesting: https://www.chilkatsoft.com/p/p_299.asp