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    Can't compile samples on CB2009

    Thanks! Hopefully these problems won't be an issue the next time I update ICS.
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    Can't compile samples on CB2009

    Same problem here with 10.3.2. Just updated my ICS components to the latest recommended release (8.61). I get these errors just trying to compile an empty C++ VCL project with a TSslHttpCli component on it. [bcc32c Error] sspi.h(65): You must define one of SECURITY_WIN32, SECURITY_KERNEL, or [bcc32c Error] sspi.h(66): SECURITY_MAC [bcc32c Error] sspi.h(2288): unknown type name 'PUNICODE_STRING' I defined 'SECURITY_WIN32' in the project options but now I get this error: [bcc32c Error] OverbyteIcsSspi.hpp(88): expected ')' OverbyteIcsSspi.hpp(88): to match this '(' Commented out the SEC_E_INVALID_HANDLE line in the *.hpp files (for 32-bit and 64-bit) and now it compiles and builds (both 32-bit and 64-bit)... still testing though.