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Ian Branch

Delphi not responding to errors..

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Hi Team,

D10.3.1.  32 bit.

For reasons I don't understand my Apps have stopped responding to basic error.  e.g. divide by 0 error.  They just ignore them.  They used to work.

If I create a new App it responds OK but my existing apps don't.

It is probably something I have changed but I can't discern what.

Any advice/suggestions (polite :-) ) appreciated.

Regards & TIA,


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Check Build configuration in your project (Debug, Release). In a new project the build configuration is Debug by default.

Then check Runtime errors settings for the current configuration in Project options | Building | Delphi compiler | Compiling. There is good reason to have all three settings (I/O, overflow, range checking) enabled for any type of Build configuration.

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Thanks Kruvich.

I have it working now.  What I have yet to find out is how/when it changed. :-(

Attached are my current configurations.Screenshot_9.thumb.png.320462d24ed89346e33289000974cff6.pngScreenshot_8.thumb.png.41ec455e90fd1185a2393a843051c4a1.png

Regards & Tks for the pointers.


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You can tell the debugger to ignore certain types of exceptions, this is offered as a button on the exception dialog you get when the IDE debugger catches an exception. Perhaps you did this by accident.


Call up the Tools --> Options dialog,on the left scroll down to the end of the list. There you find a "debugger options" node with two subnodes for language and OS exceptions. The associated pages list the exception types to ignore; you can reactivate them there as well. see the attached dcreenshot, unfortunately from  a german IDE.




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