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SYSDSO Credentials are not Working When Connecting to an Encrypted Interbase Database

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I'm trying to connect by using IBConsole to an encrypted Interbase XE3 (version database with the SYSDSO username to change the SEP password  but I keep on getting the following exception:

"Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database administrator to set up an Interbase login".


FYI, when I connect to the server with the same SYSDSO credentials, I can connect just fine. Moreover, to encrypt the database, I've used the same SYSDSO credentials.


What am I missing?

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1 hour ago, haentschman said:

...no. :classic_cool: Typing mistake?

I'm not talking about SYSDBA. I'm talking about SYSDSO;, the user that needs to be created to set up encryption.

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