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Bill Meyer

Source Export question

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I routinely use Source Export to capture snippets I then insert into MS Word as formatted text. Right now, I am attempting to do the same with Affinity Publisher as the target, but the text after paste is plain, not formatted.

If I paste to MS Word, then copy the same block from MS Word and paste to Affinity Publisher, I get the desired result. But obviously, at the expense of more steps in the workflow.

Is there some tool I can use to look at the raw content from the clipboard item, so I can get some idea how the Source Export differs from what I copy from MS Word?

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I also needed such a tool a while ago but could not find one. I ended up changing the code in GExperts to dump the contents to a file.

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These were recommended to me:




MS Word, copying to the clipboard, inserts all manner of stuff. The export from GExperts was 3K; from MS Word, 44K. And I have no idea which particular chunk of content may make the difference. 😞

For now, I can export as RTF, paste into an editor and save, then import that to Affinity Publisher.I just discovered that ClipMate, which I have used for years, offers an Application Profile report which suggests in its section on Publisher that the current possibilities are only TEXT and RTF. However, the RTF fragment from GExperts pastes as plain text. If I save it in Notepad, and then Edit, Place (Import) in Publisher, it comes in with formatting, as it should.

I am collecting datapoints, but I can't claim to have gained any useful insight.

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FWIW, the Drop Source Analyzer demo from The Drag and Drop Component Suite does pretty much the same as InsideClipboard.


WRT you problem my guess is that GExperts uses some RTF codes or line delimiters that your target doesn't support.

Try pasting via WordPad or a plain RichEdit control instead. They probably don't mess as much with the RTF as Word does.

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