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Import .NET Assembly list is empty

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I just tried to import a .NET assembly into the Delphi IDE:


  1. Component -> Import Compoent
  2. Select "Import .NET Assembly", press Next
  3. There I got a list of available assemblies, but that list is empty ???
  4. Pressing "Add" and selecting the DLL I wanted to import got me the OLE error 80131124, which according to https://www.megos.ch/files/content/diverses/doserrors.txt means "Index %s not found", which isn't really helpful


Is it really possible, that the list is empty? According to gacutils I have got a sh*tload of assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache

This is Delphi 10.3.3

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Trying the same with Delphi 10.2.3 at least gives me a non-empty list but unfortunately the assembly I want to import is not there.


Pressing "Add" and selecting the DLL dosn't show an error, but the assembly still isn't listed.


I noticed that Delphi seems to look for assemblies in c:\windows\assembly\gac_32 which isn't visible in the explorer. Explorer shows only c:\windows\assembly with the assembly name, version, processor architecture etc. Delphi seems to list most of the entries where the processor architeture is x86 so I assume that's the way the exploer show the content of the subdirectory gac_32.


The assembly I want to import isn't listed there.


According to the documentation on the Global Assembly Cache it is stored in c:\windows\microsoft.net\assembly. If I look there, I find sub directories gac_32, gac_64 and gac_msil and in gac_32 I can see the assembly I am looking for.


So, does that mean that Delphi only allows importing 32 bit assemblies?

And is it looking in the wrong folder even for that?

Can I simply copy the directory for the assembly I want from one folder to the other?

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OK, I tried to copy the entry from c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Assembly\gac_32 to c:\windows\Assembly\gac_32 . It still doesn't show up in Delphi and also doesn't show up in the explorer view of :\windows\Assembly . So that's probably not the solution.

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32 minutes ago, Lars Fosdal said:

Yes, I read that. I used gacutil.exe to install the assembly. It's also listed in the output of gacutil /l .



gacutil from .NET 2.x does not list the assembly, so it probably has the same problem as Delphi 10.2.3.

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Is there a command line tool that does the same as the Import Component wizard?

I couldn't find anything in the online help.

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8 hours ago, Bernard said:

I am having this issue in 10.4 update 1.  Have you ever managed to find a resolution?

No, but I noticed that the problem hasn't been fixed in 10.4. Never looked at it in 10.4.1 because I found a different way that does not require a dotNET assembly. That was my "last best" solution anyway.


(* "second best" would put it too mildly. Avoiding this was by far the best option.)

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I have the same problem on Delphi ver. 10.3 importing a Net 5.0 assembly.


I figured out that if i have fewer than around 7 property/functions the import goes well.

If i have more then i get the 80131124 error when adding the assembly.


Delphi is perfektly cabable to call more than 7 functions. It is just the IDE that can't autogenerete the interface/TLB .pas file

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.Net import still producing empty list in latest version "Delphi 11.1" :classic_sad:


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