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FireDac MySQL Connectivity

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I'm trying to use a MySQL database on a remote MySQL Server. I've setup the Firedac TFDConnection with the correct parameters but when I try to test I get the following message:

'Cannot load vendor library [libmysql.dll, libmariadb or libmysqld.dll) The specified module could not be found Hint: check it is in the PATH or application EXE directories, and has x86 bitness' (see attached screenshot).


I then went to the Embarcadero  docwiki site which says much the same with a little more detail. I've followed the links it has for the libmysql.dll library and download it and put it in my EXE directory. However, when I try the test again I get the same message. I've closed Delphi (10.3.3) down and tried again but still get the same error message.


Has anyone had similar issues and can suggest a way to fix this?




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I tried using the driver with MySQL (8.0) a couple of months ago and had to add the dll to the connection parameters to get it to work, partially. After added, I was able to get it to connect but could not get other actions to succeed. I traced the error into an FD function and posted on the EMB forums with no joy. I switched to using ODBC for MySQL 8.0 and all is working. 


Good luck,





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Hi... the right version of the lib should be in SysWOW64 and System directory of Windows. This will usually solve the issue.

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1. libmysql.dll must be in EXE folder, or in some folder which is in PATH, or in SysWOW64 for x86 and System for x64.

2. libmysql.dll must have the same bitness as EXE. Simple way to verify it:

tdump libmysql.dll | find "CPU type"

3. libmysql.dll v 8 is not yet supported. Use version 5 or 6. Which one - almost not important.

4. Note, that libmysql.dll, depending on version, depends on MS C RTL.

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