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In Delphi 10.3.3 it's possible to write:

  TStaticCheck = class
    class procedure OverStatic; static; static; static; static;

I don’t know, is it worth reporting to the issue tracker?

The idea is taken from here: System.Generics.Collections.pas, TArray.BinarySearch<T>

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Posted (edited)

Overstatic methods cannot be moved to another class.

Overstatic methods cannot be modified, only deleted completely.

Add "static; static;" to a method to protect your class from coronavirus.


P.S. In .NET it is considered an error. https://dotnetfiddle.net/dv8Rfh

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For what it's worth, going by the little I know about parsers, I guess the parser just takes any list of modifiers after the method signature, and sets the flags on the method. I guess "static" doesn't throw an error if the "static" internal flag was already set, so I agree it's quite harmless.

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