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Delphi 10.3.3 Problems with x64-Debugger

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Anyone has similar issues with 10.3.3 - Win64 Target?

Empty VCL project Debug Run - mouse round cursor spinning it started 10 minutes ago while I'm writing this still freezed.

Clean Win10 install, no AV installed no other security app, even Windows Defender totally disabled for paranoid mode.

No problems with 32 bit.



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Adjusted misleading subject-line

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No problems here. Everything working as expected. I am not aware of having tuned something for that.

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Nothing tuned, std install computer perfectly stable, minimal install of 3rd party programs, I don't like to have oveloaded OS.

Minute ago tried with IDE Fix Pack latest, also not helped, reboot either did not change anything.

100% frustrated like never before.

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I have not seen this problem, but I also almost do not debug Win 64 apps, because it is much slower on my PC. So I debug 32 bit versions and just occasionally test 64 bit versions.

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No problems here either.

It really looks like a problem with your system and not with Delphi.

So you might think about the title of this topic a little more.

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