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Floating Point Overflow when retrieving a file using the ICS FTP Client

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We are using the ICS FTPClient to collect files from a device in a secure location. We do not have access to the device and have to rely on techs to do the testing. The firmware on the device was recently upgraded and we are now seeing a floating point overflow error when collecting files. It does not happen on all files just a handful of files. 


Has anyone ever encountered a Floating point overflow error when collecting files?


The devices manufacture's software does not encounter this problem. They can collect all the files from the device.


Also, is there a way to turn on FTP tracing in the ICS FTPClient.


Thanks for all your help.

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Which specific FTP command causes the floating point error?  Are you using a version of ICS from the last year?  


There have been issues in the distant past calculating the speed of downloads when they take zero seconds, but that is the only calculation that takes place.




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Hello Angus,


Sorry for the late reply. 


We downloaded the latest version ICS-V8.58 from the Overbyte web site. This version is dated Nov 2018.


In your reply from above you stated a version from last year 2019 was having a problem with speeds of download that take zero seconds. 


Is there a newer version we should be downloading?


Thanks for all your help.

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They are both ICS sites, the wiki site is linked from the main site as 'Find very latest update here' and is updated more often.  As you have been told twice, the latest version is V8.64 from May 2020, not the 18 month old version on the main site.




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