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Does GExperts work in C++Builder

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I have tried to find information about GExperts working with C++Builder and if it add any improvements, but with no luck.

I tried here:  



and of course using google, but I see only Delphi and GExperts in the newer versions, is C++Builder no longer supported ?


Thanks in advance

Best regards


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Have you tried it?

There is a german proverb "Probieren geht über studieren" it roughly translates to "Trying is better than researching".

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Of course I haven't tried it! 

When earlier installations mention either Rad in the title or C++Builder in the description,

and the latest only say Delphi, then I don't use my PC for testing.


Best regards


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Basically C++ Builder in later versions is RAD Studio with a reduced feature set, so in theory it should work. Some experts are restricted to Delphi code (which as far as I know can also be compiled with C++ Builder).


Since I don't program in C++ with RAD Studio, I don't know whether there are any problems. I haven't gotten any feedback from C++ programmers on that either.

But it is easy to remove GExperts from RAD Studio if it causes any problems:

Delete the GExperts entry from


and it is gone.


So, it is fairly safe to just try it.

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