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How much market share do the iOS32 platforms still have ?

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Hi there,


since I notices that I rarely need to touch iOS32 when preparing new iOS apps, while they are still compiles and bundled in the IPA,
I wonder what phones will be affected.


There is a detailled technical list, I hope that one is correct.
It tells that > iPhone 5C, I can consider 64-Bit.


I found a german article about such considerations, and another article that is a little contradictary.

It tells that iPhone 5C should have modern CPU ( I assume 64-Bit), was produced still until 2017.

While the other article tells us that iPhone 5S is from 2013 and iPhone 6/6 Plus is from 2014.

Since I would consider >= iPhone 6/6 Plus as still quite modern and with a large user-base, can I be sure that they all run on iOS64 ?

How much market impact has the iPhone 5S nowadays, which also means the slightly older OS iOS32 ?


Another question is if "modern" CPU also means that they will guarantee to have OS iOS64 alone,

or could they still run on iOS32 or both, depending on when they were updated or produced ?
Is there the possibility, similar like in Windows, that both OS (32 and 64) might be running under one hardware ?


Would be good to clarify from what model the OS iOS64 is definitively installed, for iPhone and iPad.

Maybe there are some more official numbers out there, about how many iOS32 / iOS64 systems are in use.





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The first 64-bit iphones were released 7 years ago (iPhone 5s), and today they are the vast majority (more than 98%), it is no wonder that Apple ended support for 32-bit iphones a long time ago. Apple has not even updated iOS 32-bit for more than 4 years, and Apple has not accepted 32-bit apps in its store for some years. I personally have not compiled anything for ios 32 bits for some years.


In the beginning, the 64-bit iOS kept backwards compatibility with 32-bit apps, but that ended when Apple released iOS 11. A good way to find out how many users are running only 64-bit apps is to look at the graphics of the most used versions of iOS (11, 12 and 13 have support only for 64-bit apps).

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There is complete list of iOS devices at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_iOS_devices


iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are 32bit, while iPhone 5S is 64bit. 


Anything having 6 in name is 64bit, Just check whish OS version is the latest version particular device supports. iOS11 and newer only support 64bit devices.


Official numbers can be found on https://developer.apple.com/support/app-store/ but they only show stats for devices released in last four years. 


As far as whether you need to support 32bit applications or not, that is hard to say... depends on your audience (kids can still play games on ancient iPads and don't care about how old that thing is). But most likely 32bit can be safely ignored. 

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2 hours ago, vfbb said:

The first 64-bit iphones were released 7 years ago (iPhone 5s), and today they are the vast majority (more than 98%)

Great, thats what I hoped :classic_smile:

But where did you find that number 98%, is that anything official ?

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Posted (edited)

98% is the number of current active apples devices with iOS 11, 12 or 13 (versions that have support only for 64 bits apps).


In addition, the number of active devices supporting 64-bit apps may be even higher, as I am not counting those that have 64-bit support, and have not yet upgraded to iOS 11, 12 or 13

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